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For anyone unfamiliar with skeet, trap, and 5-Stand, these shotgun sports involve shooting at clay targets. The sports originated as a way to practice for real game bird shooting.

Although all of these can be shot with virtually any shotgun, the most popular guns for skeet and 5-Stand are over and unders and semi-automatics.  Any gauge shotgun can be used (formal skeet tournaments generally have separate events for the 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and the .410).

Skeet and 5-Stand are generally shot with relatively open chokes (Choke refers to the amount of constriction in the muzzle of the shotgun barrel--open chokes have less constriction and allow the pattern of shot to spread more than tighter chokes.) Since some targets of a standard round (a "round" is 25 targets) are "doubles", that is, two targets thrown at the same time, guns must be capable of shooting twice quickly without reloading.  

Trap is typically shot with a 12 gauge shotgun, using a tight choke.  Since doubles are generally not thrown in trap, shotguns that shoot twice without reloading are not necessary.  However, over and unders and semi-automatics are popular for trap.

Generally, size 9 shot is used for skeet and 7 1/2 is used from trap.  5-Stand can use 7 1/2, 8's or 9's depending on the setup of the course.  Use of shot larger than 7 1/2 is prohibited to avoid unwanted shot carry.

Experienced club members can explain shotgun pros and cons, and can help you select a gun.  Basic shooting instruction is available at no cost.  We welcome new shooters, and are eager to help you learn the basics.  We all started as beginners!

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