West Virginia Clays, Inc.     
                    West Virginia's Skeet, Trap and 5-Stand Sporting Clays Club                                     
The Club has two skeet fields and one combination skeet and trap field. All three fields are lighted to permit night shooting.

We acquired the rights to the property in October 2010. The Surber Field (Field No. 1) and the Copley Field (Field No. 2) opened for skeet shooting on July 17, 2011. The Jordan Field (Field No. 3) opened for trap shooting in November, 2011, and is now open for skeet shooting as well.

We also have a comfortable clubhouse with a spacious deck for relaxing between rounds of shooting. Snacks and soft drinks are available.  (Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.)  We are  planning further enhancements, including a clubhouse bathroom, to further improve the shooting and relaxing. An outdoor fire pit was added in Winter 2013 to enhance the outdoor experience.

The Club is open to the public, and shooters do not have to be Club members to participate in shooting.  We welcome all shooters who demonstrate the ability and willingness to follow all applicable safety rules and club policies.  We reserve the right to prohibit individuals from shooting in the event of violations of safety rules and club policies.  Basic safety rules are posted and new shooters receive a safety briefing before shooting.  Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters and spectators on the shooting fields.

The club is also available for private, corporate, and civic outings.  We have hosted corporate shoots and a Grouse Society event, but would also welcome groups like Boy Scouts, Ducks Unlimited, Turkey Federation, etc. or any other responsible group. Contact one of the Board members on the "Contact" page for additional details!

Safe shooting is a requirement for all!


One of the attractions of the Club is its scenic and secluded location in the West Virginia mountains. The 1.3 mile gravel road from the highway to the Club also offers the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife. Rarely do we travel the gravel road without seeing deer, turkeys, bear, bobcats, coyotes, etc. One bear has been around so much we've made him a club member - we're now looking for a volunteer to collect dues from him. Bring your camera and get some good pictures.

Be sure to check out the video highlighting some of the features of the club, in trailer form! Big thanks to Scott Sparks!

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